As Big Data and Analytics gains momentum, current technologies, business and business models are transforming rapidly, driving enterprises’ development to being data-driven. As the global top leader in Big Data and Analytics, Teradata is determined in technology innovation, helping enterprises of all fields and sizes to overcome challenges and realize transformation.

And Teradata is making significant progress in this era of IT market demands evolving towards Cloud Computing and Open Source solutions, with heavy investment into research and development of Hadoop and other Open Source technologies, providing reliable deployment consulting services, gaining numerous success stories worldwide, being the key contributor to the Big Data and Analytics ecosystem as Teradata has been known as.

As such, this year’s Teradata Universe Summit will bring together just shy of one hundred renowned industry data scientists, technical experts and key customers as Speakers for the event, to deep dive and share on Big Data and Open Source technology trends and practices. This summit will be attended by over 1500 enterprise leaders, industry influencers, partners and expert consultants, media and analysts from various industries, as well as sales and management executives of the Teradata Corporation. Together, they will drive the sharing of best practices from Greater China Area customers, and discuss the future of Big Data and Analytics.